1. Special Edition: Report from the 2014 Rona Jaffe Foundation Writers’ Awards | What We’re Reading →

    My colleague Liz French rounded up a nicely eclectic list from the likes of novelist Madison Smartt Bell (his pick: Chantel Acevedo’s novel The Distant Marvels) to award-winning nonfiction writer Adrian Nicole Leblanc (her pick: Roxane Gay’s Bad Feminist).

  2. What we’re all really saying during Banned Books Week



  3. http://tmblr.co/Zi3Hbn1QvW_yB →

    Photo of my collection of bookmarks promoting libraries and reading.

  4. iamhauntedbybooks:

    Discovering that I can check out ebooks from my libraries is both one of the best and most dangerous things that has ever happened to me

  5. Eleanor Catton Sets Up Grant To Give Writers 'Time To Read' →


    It’s like I always say: reading is writing. Good on Catton.

    The grant has yet to be given a name, “in case a nice philanthropist hears about this and would like to lend their name and support to the project”, but Catton said that the word which keeps coming to her as a possibility “is the horoeka, or lancewood, a native tree that begins its life defensively, with sharp rigid leaves and a narrow bearing, and at a certain point transforms into a shape that is confident, open and entirely new – so different, in fact, that the young and old versions of the tree look absolutely unalike. That is what I believe that reading can do.”

  6. thepenguinpress:

She still finds time to read after a day of filming ♥ 


    She still finds time to read after a day of filming  

  7. Las Vegas Reads | ALA 2014 Preview →

    Viva Las Vegas books!

  8. Read what you want.


    As librarians, we will never judge you.  We would never judge you.  We sideeye those who do.

    In response to THAT article, and in solidarity with the sentiments over here (at the New Republic) and over here (with NSFW language, a bit, at Jezebel).

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    I don’t give a shit what you read!  Erotica?  I’ll get it for you.  Obscure manga?  OCLC to the rescue.  That one book with the blue cover and the thingy?  I will go down a black research hole for you and then I will put a hold on it.


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  9. Battle Scars: World War I in Fiction →

    For your Memorial Day reading.

  10. “War and Peace” on the subway: How your iPhone is saving literature →

    I have Blindness, Twelve Years a Slave, In the Time of the Butterflies, and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall on my Nook app on my Samsung Galaxy III. What classics are you reading on your smartphone?

  11. Italian prisoners get cut sentences for reading as UK 'book ban' continues →

    Calabria’s culture representative, Mario Caligiuri, hopes it will increase reading as well as free up space in the area’s prisons.

    He said: “Reading is an extraordinary antidote to unhappiness and promotes awareness and social and personal redemption.”

  12. newyorker:

Cartoon of the night. For more: http://nyr.kr/KOM1UW

Your Friday Funny! Have a great weekend!


    Cartoon of the night. For more: http://nyr.kr/KOM1UW

    Your Friday Funny! Have a great weekend!

  13. Voracious Reader. Sculpture by Kathy Ross

    Voracious Reader. Sculpture by Kathy Ross

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  14. James Patterson: Let’s Save Reading—and School Libraries →

    A call to action from author James Patterson.

    Something more important is going on here—something we have more control over: Our country is not prioritizing the importance of books and reading.

    Books are losing a presence in our children’s lives.

    We can fix this.

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  15. — Amen, Sister!