1. A greeting card and a bookmark? The folks over at In My Book also sell these cards wholesale to libraries, if you ever want to send your volunteers or patrons a nice note.

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Faulk the police. on Flickr.


    Faulk the police. on Flickr.

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The Poe-Poe.


    The Poe-Poe.

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    This is a thing that happened today and it made me so happy.



  5. Literate Drinking

    Jamaica Kinkaid

    My college friends (holla Grinnell) are abuzz with book-title and cocktail puns. I remember thinking about this possibility once, in high school, after seeing the Georgetown University Library’s coffee shop full of lattes named after novels. My knowledge of spirits and cocktail varieties was much more limited at the time and the best I could come up with was “One Hundred Beers of Solitude.” I’m glad to present a selection of their best:

    • Tequila Mockingbird 
    • The Last of the Mojitos 
    • The Adventures of Huckleberry Gin 
    • Oliver Twist of Lime 
    • A River Rums Through It 
    • A Rum With a View 
    • Yellowtail of Two Cities 
    • Picture of Dorian Grey-Goose 
    • Fahrenheit 151 
    • A Sidecar Named Desire 
    • Lord Jim Beam 
    • Uncle Tom Collins 
    • Daisy Miller Light 
    • Creme de Atonementhe 
    • The Old Man and the Seagrams 
    • American Psych-O’Douls 
    • Animal Boone’s Farm 
    • Of Mice and Manischewitz 
    • The Invisible Manischewitz 
    • The Secret Hoegaarden 
    • Thus Spoke Zarathustrawberry Daiquiri 
    • The Glögg Archipelago
    • From Beer to Eternity 
    • Madame Brewery 
    • The Call of the Wild Turkey 
    • Atlas Chugged 
    • The Canterbury Ales 
    • Tender is the Nightcap 
    • Cachaça and the Rye
    • Rabbit, Rum 
    • The Island of Dr. Cointreau 
    • The Man in the Iron Flask 
    • The Turn of the Screwdriver 
    • Ouzo’fraid of Virginia Woolf? 
    • A Farewell to Armagnac 
    • The Rime of the Ancient Marnier 
    • Glenfiddich Glen Ross 
    • The Woman in White Wine 
    • A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Port 
    • Billy Budd Light 
    • Bud Light Lime and Punishment 
    • The Red Wine and the Armagnac 
    • The Count of Monte Cristal 
    • The Taming of the Brew 
    • As You Spike It 
    • A Midsummer Night’s Bailey’s Irish Cream 
    • King Beer 
    • The Two Gentlemen of Corona 
    • Gimlet

    Thanks to Jeff, Neil, Jess, and Max (who does not have something I can link to) for this glorious list.