1. Iraqi librarian saved 30,000 books during 2003 invasion →


    “About ten days after the troops entered [Basra], the library was completely burnt down. We carried about 30,000 books to the restaurant and to our homes. Then, we transferred them from the restaurant to our homes in my own car and in cars belonging to the employees. Most of these books and manuscripts were rare and important ones. Regrettably, we lost a lot of books in the fire,” she said. (via @archivalerie)

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  2. As a result of these nearby attacks, the library has suffered some material damage—ceilings, windows, and doors were smashed. “Luckily, no one on my staff was harmed,” said Eskander. “From time to time, I receive intelligence reports that ask us to be vigilant, as the library might be attacked by car bombs.”


    Add to the list of librarian superpowers: not scared of car bombs.

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    Unfortunately, said Eskander, since 2009 the National Library’s operating budget, with the exception of the line items for salaries, has been cut by 40%, even though the national budget has been going up annually. Yet amid the terror and turmoil, the library boasts a 35% increase in the size of the collection between early 2004 and mid-2012, with the archival collections growing by 25%; in 2012 alone it has acquired 100,000 books.

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