1. uispeccoll:

    Miniature Mondays!  This new acquisition for the Charlotte Smith Miniature Book collections is The Pit and the Pendulum from Edgar Allan Poe.  This is designed, published and bound in leather in limited edition of 20 numbered and signed copies by Jarmila Sobota, in Loket, Czech Republic, 2005.  See it in the catalog, or stop by anytime to read and admire this tiny work.

    Clearly I am a huge sucker for library gifs.

  2. “When you have these two important qualifications - love for books and love for people - you may well consider the vocation of a librarian, a vocation that gives full enjoyment to the librarian and radiates it to the public.” - [x]

    A gif set of my dreams.

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  3. Preach, Carl Sagan.

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  4. sonofbaldwin:

    LOL @ Oprah going H.A.M. on these folks.

    Yeah, this is what I would have done too.

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  5. masterpieceofass:

    nah ah. darcy dont take no shit about his no.1 girl.

    More Fitzwilliam Darcy gifs. Because it is Monday.

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  6. 8bitlibrary:

    One of the greatest libraries-in-pop-culture moments of the 21st century.

    It’s Friday and so this gif set is allowed. Don’t mess with librarians, guys.

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  7. Perhaps the only time I will allow myself to reblog a Star Trek gifset on LJ: here Deep Space 9 tackles institutional racism in publishing, and in particular sci-fi. If Avery Brooks wrote genre fic, I would read it.

    (Actually LeVar Burton published a sci-fi novel a few years ago and I read the LJ review and not even my all-encompassing love for him can convince me to read it now.)

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  8. Because it is the weekend, Doctor Who is allowed.

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