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But WHY is this book not circing anymore?


    But WHY is this book not circing anymore?

  2. OCLC and OhioLink Release Extensive Data Sets on Book Usage Patterns in Academic Libraries  →


    OhioLINK and OCLC Research released on September 21 what is likely the largest and most comprehensive study of academic library circulation ever undertaken. Among the more interesting findings, the “80/20” rule, which says that 80 percent of a library’s circulation is driven by approximately 20 percent of the collection, may not be accurate.

    The report, OhioLINK-OCLC Collection and Circulation Analysis Project 2011, and its extremely large, diverse data sets will not only clarify the usage and collecting patterns of books and manuscripts within OhioLINK libraries but also provide a basis for further research and comparisons at other institutions. The goal is to better inform acquisition behavior and create “a set of collecting rubrics that will help reduce unnecessary duplication, allocate resources more effectively, and increase diversity of collections across the state,” according to the report.

    “We really hope to be able to provide analysis down the road, and we hope other scholars will jump in and use it, too,” said Julia Gammon, the head of the acquisitions department at the University of Akron libraries and a co-author of the report.

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