1. Tumblarians (or library-loving-tumblrs): WRITE, PUBLISH, GET PAID →


    Love to write about libraries? Many of us do. For our fellow librarians, we speak volumes, clamoring to fill blogs, association newsletters, and scholarly journals. But for our communities? Not so much. The volume drops significantly when we consider the words we produce for publications our users and supporters read: local newspapers and company intranets, faculty newsletters, and industry magazine

    In January 2013, organizers of the Great Librarian Write-Out will select the year’s best library-related article published in a nonlibrary magazine or journal. The winner’s purse is currently $800. Patrick Sweeney, manager of San Mateo County (Calif.) Library’s East Palo Alto branch, initiated the contest and personally donated $250 in seed money for the award.

    The Great Librarian Write-Out is now in its second year, and submissions are welcomed. Sweeney hopes to make it an annual event. To be eligible, articles must be published in a print-based nonlibrary publication between the 2012 and 2013 ALA Midwinter Meetings. “I would love to see the contest flooded with entries,” Sweeney told AL. “It’s time for us to remind the public how great libraries are, and reminding librarians to remind the public is what this project is all about.”

    There’s not much time left this time around, but I’d love to see some tumblarian entries here! Click through this story for some great tips on writing about librarianship for muggles. Oh, I mean, non-librarians.