1. What worries me deeply is, when it happens to one, will it set up a domino effect…if a tree falls in the forest and there’s no one there….well if a library falls, or a branch falls, and there’s no outcry, or less outcry, or an outcry that doesn’t really have an impact that previous outcries have….I think that just lets people know that they can.


    Cathleen Russ, Library Director for the Troy Public Library

    Cathleen faced an overwhelming  challenge when her community initially voted against a tax which would keep the library open. That, coupled with a threat of a ‘Book Burning Party’ after the doors were closed (which turned out to be a for the tax ploy by a third party), Cathleen, with the tremendous help of of a newly founded ‘Friends of the Library’ community, was able to keep library doors open for the Troy community. 

    (via unemployed-librarian)