1. willywaldo:

One dress to rule them all.


    One dress to rule them all.

  2. LJ’s new Digital Products Coordinator Kathleen Quinlan is a super fan. (You can find her on Tumblr here.) She took a look at the new Hobbit trailer (you can also see LJ’s Mike Rogers tackle the same subject at LJ’s In the Bookroom) for us here:

    I think any self-respecting human understands the fact that Peter Jackson’s adaption of the Lord of the Rings trilogy is one of the greatest things to ever  come into this world. And no matter what day it is or what I’m doing, if those films are on television, I will sit down and watch them. Despite the fact that I own the extended versions and despite the other fact that I’ve seen each one approximately 73 times.

    So when The Hobbit teaser trailer hit the internet last night, I was pretty excited. And watched it approximately 73 times. In the first three films, Jackson managed to step inside readers’ imagination and put that world onto the screen. Now he’s done it again with The Hobbit. (I’m sure some liberal changes will be made but, for the most part, he’s pretty loyal.)

    This newest movie looks absolutely amazing—some shots from just the trailer are almost exact replicas of illustrations I remember seeing in one edition of The Hobbit (specifically, the angled top view of Gandalf and his crooked, pointy hat).

    The trailer manages to capture the fun and lighthearted aspects of the story (the dwarves are almost cartoony, but in a way reflective of the books) while creating an unsettling sense of danger in the last half: starting when Gandalf says that Bilbo may not come back and ending with Gollum’s whispers in the dark.

    Also, the trailer features a song! We all know J.R.R. Tolkien was all about some songs, and it’s a nice callback to the source text that was kind of missing from the previous trilogy’s (theater cut) films.

    And how great is Martin Freeman as Bilbo? He’s already a hobbit in real life, so this is perfect for him. I’m very eager to hear his Sherlock co-star Benedict Cumberbatch voice the dragon Smaug in what’s sure to be scary yet attractive scene. It’s a moment I’m pretty excited to see (despite my lingering fear—the cartoon’s take on that scene terrified me. Like, for awhile).

    In short, the trailer is awesome and it gives me even higher hopes than I had before (which were already through the roof). My only complaint is that the release date is so far away.