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    The season of “best” books is upon us, bringing reminders of the books we loved, meant to read, still want to read, or somehow missed. Library Journal recently published its list of top picks (see LJ‘s Best Books 2013: Top Ten), and everyone from the New York Times to several American Library Association (ALA) divisions will soon follow suit (look for the announcements of The Reading List, The Notable Books List, and the Listen List, among others, on January 26).

    Matching the idea of best books to the upcoming holiday of Thanksgiving, here are five (of the many) titles published in 2013 for which I am grateful.


    What books are you thankful for?  I am grateful for J.R.R.Tolkien’s The Lord of the Ring trilogy, which I reread every summer to escape my miserable teenage life, and Julia Child’s The Way to Cook, my bible for all things culinary.

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  2. This Thanksgiving I am thankful for this wonderful community of tumblrarians. THIS SONG IS FOR YOU.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving from Library Journal!

    Happy Thanksgiving from Library Journal!