1. For librarians headed to ALA Midwinter in Seattle, may I strongly suggest NO STARBUCKS. As a general rule, this is expected of the resident. For the visitor, abstaining for one day is good enough.

    Instead, as a Seattle native, I recommend a ten-minute walk (probably in the rain) to indulge a few of Seattle’s many superlative and nearby–the–Convention Center cafés, located along the E. Pine/E. Pike St. corridor in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. Take a couple of hours respite from ALA panels and meetings. Wake up your mind and rejuvenate your ideas with a new colleague on a neighborhood café crawl. Seattle won’t disappoint you with its special brew, and the people have a way of sitting still and looking charmed in their local café that you won’t see again after you leave.

    — A “No Starbucks” Café Crawl | ALA Midwinter, Seattle January 22-29