1. booksyarnink:

    April 15 Library Journal with my Mystery Preview on the cover! Love the design.

    Check out our awesome April 15 cover, with a great preview of forthcoming mystery books from Kristi Chadwick (aka booksyarnink) and a cover so cool that it makes QR codes look good too.

  2. iworkatapubliclibrary:

On white board.


    On white board.

  3. thepinakes:


    The QR Code Minute with JP and PC

    This covers what you need to know!

  4. From PW, Publishers Find More Uses for QR Codes:

    Quick Response, or QR, codes, those black-and-white pixel squares that function as super charged consumer bar codes, are on advertisements, Web sites, and anything else at which you can point a QR reader. While publishers have been putting QR codes on jacket covers for several years, they have been slow to integrate them into the text, but that is starting to change.

    “This piece of technology changes everything,” said Billie Brownell, senior editor at Cool Springs Press, whose title The Visitor’s Guide to American Gardens comes equipped with scannable QR codes that send readers directly to each featured garden’s Web site for real-time garden event information, current attractions, and special collections. The book includes more than 400 gardens around the country. For Visitor’s Guide, the QR codes keep the book up-to-the-minute, preventing its information from becoming outdated, said Brownell.