1. Librarians, Distributors Weigh in on Macmillan Ebook Lending | PubCrawl →

    Ebook distribution to libraries took another leap forward on October 17 when Baker & Taylor, OverDrive, 3M, and RBDigital (Recorded Books) told their customers that Macmillan’s entire ebook backlist, 11,000 titles from lead imprints St. Martin’s, Farrar, Straus & Giroux, Henry Holt, Macmillan Children’s, and Tor, would now be available to their patrons.
    Steve Potash, CEO of OverDrive, said he believed publishers better understand the value libraries bring in exposing the long tail and in discoverability, but ALA president Barbara Stripling cautioned that there is still a long way to go with publishers on ebooks. What do you, my dear Tumblarians, think?


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  2. The pilot program is set to launch before the end of first quarter in 2013. Under the agency model, and working with multiple distributors, Macmillan will offer over 1,200 backlist eBooks from its Minotaur Books mystery and crime fiction imprint, a part of the St. Martins Publishing Group. The titles cover all sub-categories of crime fiction from thrillers to cozies, hard-boiled crime to psychological suspense and include many award winners. Once purchased by a library, the titles will be available to them to lend for 2 years or 52 lends, whichever comes first. All of the books in the program will have the same digital list price.
    The titles will be available through a number of distributors, and at the launch through Baker & Taylor’s Axis 360 Digital Media Library, OverDrive and the 3M Cloud Library.


    Details from Macmillan following their announcement of a foray into licensing trade ebooks to libraries.

    Macmillan Announces Details of Library Lending Pilot | LJ INFOdocket

  3. ALA applauds Macmillan Publishers’ entry into library market | American Libraries Magazine →


    On the eve of its national Midwinter Meeting in Seattle, the American Library Association (ALA) welcomed the announcement from Macmillan Publishers that it will enter the library e-book lending market by the end of March 2013. 


  4. In early 2013 we will launch library lending of e-books. As you probably know, we have not sold e-books to libraries to date, though we have been working for three years to find a model that works for the libraries, but that didn’t undermine our retail partners and didn’t jeopardize our fundamental business model. We have found a model we believe works for a limited part of our list, so we will now move forward.


    From Macmillan CEO, John Sargent on the Tor.com blog

    “A limited part of our list”. It makes me speculate about terms, but at least there would be some titles available. 

    Let’s just hope we can afford them.

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    In this same letter, John Sargent also says, “Publishing trade books is, in the end, a human endeavor.” I hope that as time goes on librarians are acknowledged as partners in that human endeavor. The writing, editing, marketing, and selling of books wouldn’t happen without their investment in literacy and reading for pleasure.

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    2nd and 3rd all commentary.

  5. You know what to do.

    You know what to do.