1. Fake 'Lord Of The Rings' Subway Service Advisory Fails To Amuse MTA →

    The poster is funny, but MTA has a point.  What say you, Tumblarians?

    "This sign, like others we’ve seen, clearly has the potential to confuse our customers and has no place in the subway system," Lisberg tells us. "I don’t care if it’s cute or funny to devotees of any particular genre—we serve more than 5 million customers a day on the subways, and plenty of them have very limited English skills. We work hard to make a complex system simpler to navigate, and these posters make it harder. If one person misses a train because they’re trying to decipher a joke, it’s one too many. Enough already."

  2. willywaldo:

One dress to rule them all.


    One dress to rule them all.