1. Hot topic on the Fiction List_L list serv. I love how practical footwear advice turns into suggestions for book displays!

    Subject: Comfortable Shoes for Working in Library

     Hi Everyone,

     I work in the Library and am getting ready to buy me some new shoes. I am in need of shoes that are comfortable and that I can stand in for long periods of time. Do you all have any recommendations? Any help would be appreciated.

    Naots with removable footbeds which can be customized to your foot (you wear them for a couple of weeks, take them back to the store, which inspects the wear pattern and adjusts accordingly, e.g. more arch support). They also come in attractive styles.

    Steel toed Jimmy Choos. [See top photo—Ed.]

    I haven’t seen mentioned Mephisto yet!  They make comfortable footwear.

    Easy Spirit has some nice looking shoes that are pretty comfy..esp their Anti Gravity collection.Clarks is a good name too.

     I thought someone else would have mentioned them, but since no one has…Keen Shoes are my comfort brand of choice right now. And all this talk of shoes made me think of a display possibility. How about books with shoes on the cover? I know I see them all the time. Titles I can think of:

    The Devil Wears Prada (and sequel Chasing Harry Winston) Mud Season (which is what it is in Wisconsin right now) Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress.  What else?

    Belong to Me by Marisa de los Santos

    The Leftovers by Tom Perrotta

    The Giant’s House / Elizabeth McCracken

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    I was following this yesterday and I have to say, up until the book cover suggestion, this was the weirdest topic I’ve...
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    Seriously. Where are these notebook Mary Janes from?!
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    What? No one mentioned DANSKOs yet??
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    I recommend Alegria Mary Janes. They are Velcro fastened but they are super comfy for working on yer feet all day.
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    I want those notebook paper Mary Janes!
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    Librarians; we will literally make displays about anything. Watch us.
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