1. After more than five years with Library Journal (and a year working with School Library Journal and The Horn Book as well), I’m moving on. In mid-July, I’ll be starting as Deputy Director, Reference and Research Services, at the New York Public Library (NYPL).
    In my new role, I’ll be supporting access services like interlibrary loan, permissions, and digitization, among others. I’ll also help to coordinate NYPL partnerships like those with the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA), HathiTrust, and Google Books.


    Farewell LJ, Hello NYPL

    Josh is leaving us, and LJ will be the poorer for it, but as recompense he does give us all a look at his LJ origin story:

    When I think back on how I’ve gotten to this point, I end up going back to my first job out of college, at a gossip magazine (you’ve definitely flipped through it while on line at the grocery store).

    I started as a copy editor but quickly moved over to and up through the ranks of the research department (yes, gossip magazines have research departments—usually good ones, because they constantly walk the litigation line). I loved the fun, fast-paced environment, filled with carefree twentysomethings who reveled in the irony of using a liberal arts education to set the bar for lowbrow.

    That is, until the job stopped being ironic. I realized after a few years that the shallow enjoyment of the irony had worn off, and though I had a knack for the research, I wanted something more. That’s when I went to library school, as I wrote in my admission essay, “to use my powers for good.”

    I never thought the experience would aid me in my search for a job related to libraries. Fortunately, I was wrong. The magazine experience helped get me an interview at LJ, and the background I gained during my LIS education, including the basics of a variety of technology skills, were enough to convince them to give me a chance (though the variety of grueling edit tests surely played a role as well).

     Follow Josh on Tumblr at hadro.tumblr.com.


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