1. Hells yeah, LJ is cosponsoring a party at BEA this year. From the Facebook page:

    Join Bookrageous, “a podcast about books and why they’re awesome” for a party featuring some of our favorite authors — hijinks guaranteed to ensue. First 250 drinks are on us! After that, every drink is a good deed and a donation to Housing Works. 

    Thanks to this year’s raffle, three lucky attendees will get a personalized list of reading recommendations, courtesy of the Bookrageous hosts and the Library Journal Book Review! You could also win one of several audiobooks, hand-picked by Library Journal Media Editor, Stephanie Klose. Raffle tickets will be $5 each, or 5 for $20, and all proceeds will benefit Housing Works.

    We’ve been recommending their books for months, and now they’ll be joining us in person! This year’s featured authors include: Nathan Larson, Sarah MacLean, Rosie Schaap, and Teddy Wayne. We’ll also be joined by Library Journal Reviews Editor and librarian Etta Thornton, who will teach us the secrets of readers advisory.

    All hail our wonderful sponsors: BookExpo America, Book Riot, and Library Journal.

    It’s going down Wednesday, May 29 from 7pm until 9pm, right after LJ's Day of Dialog, at Housing Works Books. Be there or be square!

    (Source: facebook.com)


  1. acornsandnuts said: During the Librarians’ dinner?!? Aww, c’mon guys.
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    Oh my gosh we need to get a YW team together to go to BEA this year!
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  10. shayera-librarian said: That’s the same time as the AAP Librarian’s Dinner.
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    This will be amazing. We have a whole week of amazingness lined up for BEA, culminating in the Open Air Street Fair on...
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    This thing’s going to be great! Nathan Larson will be there! Whoo!
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