1. Do any of you Tumblarians have book review blogs?


    I’m very interested in reading what y’all are reading.

    I have one here, if you’re interested.  May not be safe for work.

    Yes, and it is called LJ ReviewsWhere are you recording what you’re reading?

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    I don’t have a book review blog per say, but I have reviewed books on my Goodreads page. I haven’t reviewed anything in...
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    My book review blog has been mostly defunct but I’m BRINGING IT BACK! If you like kid’s books (my collection...
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    I’ve been book blogging for longer than I’ve been Tumbling (correct verb usage?). I started The Five Borough Book Review...
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    I post about what I’m reading if it’s new and/or popular enough here on TheCardiganLibrarian and then round them up on...
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    I do too! It’s http://gelostinthestackst.tumblr.com/
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    Yes, and it is called LJ Reviews. Where are you recording what you’re reading?
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    I am working on keeping up with my reviews here, which is also my profession-focused blog.
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