1. Library Journal has been #libbanana-ed. Which is to say, myself and Executive Editor Josh Hadro have been anonymously sent Hutzler Banana Slicers (safe for children!). It seems to have begun on or around February 13, when librarians across the country received unmarked packages from Amazon containing only the aforementioned banana slicer. The packages have continued to arrive since then.

    It’s unclear (so far) whether there is a pattern. Initially the first round of recipients were only men, but has since gone co-ed. Both Ben Bizzle and I, nonlibrarians, have also been included among the libbanana-ed.

    There is one informal list of recipients, this Twitter list I’m now compiling, as well as a Branch discussion tracking this mystery’s progress. There’s also always the Twitter hashtag for the most recent updates. If you have ANY leads, details, information, or theories, do not hesitate to contact me at mmcardle@mediasourceinc.com.


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    This is awesome.
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    I don’t why this is happening but I love it.
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    Um, this librarian wants.
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    The context.
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    Maybe this is a sign that you’re fantastic and should enjoy some bananas? #Libbanana-ed librarians, tell us…has your...
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    Now there are #libflasks too, which is an excellent, if slightly less absurd, twist. My husband thinks it’s a marketing...
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    Banana-slicing librarians! I wish I was responsible for this.
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    I was not aware banana slicers were things that existed.
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