1. Library Journal: Materials Mix: Investigating Trends in Materials Budgets and Circulation →


    The materials breakdowns reported by this year’s respondents will come as no surprise to anyone who has set foot in a public library recently. Though materials budgets remained flat, averaging $765,000 and veering from $24,000 overall for libraries serving populations under 10,000 to nearly $4.5 million overall for libraries serving populations of 500,000 or more, total book budgets—averaging $449,800—have fallen. 

    Book budgets fell on average in every region but the South, and in some libraries—those serving populations of 100,000 to 499,999—the cuts were big, averaging more than four percent.”

    The statistics in here are not very surprising: budgets flat or falling, while circulation is going up. Print is dropping as more money is needing to be allocated to media and ebooks, along with drops in reference databases.

    Interesting looks at the role of marketing and social media in libraries, and how we are becoming — or really, have always been — a key promoter for books, in whatever form they are in. 


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