1. The 3M Content Acquisition Tool (CAT) (launching in April) now provides featured book lists created by Heather McCormack (Former LJ Book Review Editor). Imagine “if you liked The Hunger Games, try these.” The CAT now offers a save search feature, multiple shopping carts, improved searching capabilities, and eISBN searching as well.


    Sue Polanka (the fine mind behind the must-read librarian tech blog No Shelf Required) in her 2013 Midwinter ALA update about ebook vendors, including 3M. 

    This spring, I’m going to talk at length with Polanka about our super-powered, hyper-intuitive new selection tool, dubbed CAT. It will launch in April, and if you were able to attend Midwinter in Seattle, you likely saw a demo and jumped with glee (“Finally, a piece of library tech that helps, not hinders me!”). If you missed the show, no worries; we are offering web demos.

    Ping me if you want a sneak peek of a tool that will make all of our lives easier.

    (via cloudunbound)



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