1. Anonymous said: Hello! Currently at the MLIS Program at the University of Pittsburgh, my group in the Managing Libraries class is simulating a Strategic Plan for a special prison library. Would you be interested in sharing your insights with our group? Our own personal experiences with correctional facilities are limited and we are extremely interested in the process, goals, and strategies that facilitate a special library! Thank you for your time. -Hannah Sweetser

    If you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend checking out LJ’s Prison and Libraries: Public Service Inside and Out.

    Anyone else have some resources or personal experience they’d like share?


  1. lecieltumultueux said: UW-Madison has a fairly active Jail Library Group run by students. They have some resources on their site: slisweb.lis.wisc.edu/~j…
  2. darienlibrary said: Basic strategy: you have do whatever the guards tell you to do all of the time, so you have to be extremely flexible.
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