1. Library Patrons Want More E-books, But They Want to Keep Print Books, Too →


    In addition to use habits, Pew compiled a laundry list of items patrons want from their libraries:

    • The ability to borrow books (80%).

    • More e-books (83%).

    • IPS navigation for locating books (62%).

    • Access to reference librarians (80%).

    • Redbox-style kiosks for renting books in public spaces outside the library (63%).

    • Free access to Internet-connected computers (77%).

    • An online “ask a librarian” service (73%).

    • Access to library materials via apps (63%).

    • An area to try out new devices (69%).

    • Amazon-style recommendation engines based on past checkout history (64%).

    • Free literacy programs for young children (82%).

    Yet when asked whether they would be willing to give up existing resources to make room for these things — to move some books to off-site storage centers to make sense for a device-testing center, for instance — only 20% of survey participants said they were in favor. Thirty-six percent said libraries should “definitely” not move books off-site.

    Which sums up the whole problem, really.


    All of this makes me shake my head when I see the stories that have come out about “bookless libraries”. 


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    What’s wrong with wanting it all?
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    We all want more books, in every format! But we also want our local governments to stop slashing our budgets…
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    Patrons want to have their cake and eat it, too, and why not?
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