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    Adventures in aviation!  Yes, that was one of the theme’s of yesterday’s Intersession class.  After gaining inspiration from storied balloonists and pilots of yore, our daring students conducted their own experiments in flight, attempting to fly paper airplanes across the library from the 6th floor.  The competition was strong, the loss bitter.  Only one plane was successful.  To Georges goes the spoils of victory!

    And, um, a quadcopter also made an appearance.  Video will be forthcoming!

    Awesome library programming.


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    One of the coolest books I had as a kid was the World Record Paper Airplane Book by Ken Blackburn who holds a record for...
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    Um, this is an awesome idea. Like really awesome. Plus what better paper-airplane-flying space could you ask for? Kudos...
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    Awesome library programming.
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