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    Librarians, students, library service lovers! Who am I missing? Who would like to be included or removed?

    You heard the lady.


  1. btmullis answered: lefthandedlibrarian
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  3. ipomoeaj answered: Count me in! I just finished my MLIS and am currently applying for jobs.
  4. agentcooter answered: I am a librarian (graduated in December) but my tumblr is not solely library related.
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    Whoohoo! I’m a certified librarian-ish now!
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  8. skokielibrary answered: add us! frequent posts are coming, promise!
  9. intrepidheroine answered: I’d like to be included, please! Library Assistant in Chicagoland.
  10. libraryaccounts answered: I would love to be included!
  11. librarysong answered: I would like to be included: MLIS student currently working in a public library.
  12. savenewcastlelibraries answered: Save Newcastle Libraries - The Tumblr for the campaign to prevent the closure of public libraries in Newcastle upon Tyne England
  13. rowanlane answered: include me?
  14. akmargie answered: I would like to be added! Kids/Tech librarian in Chicagoland area. Thanks!
  15. bflteens answered: bflteens.tumblr.com!
  16. atomiclibrarian answered: Me please!
  17. greaterumbrage answered: Web Services Librarian. Please add me.
  18. grplteens answered: Grand Rapids Public Library Teen Tumblr
  19. mmimic answered: Me! Student, library intern, and future librarian.
  20. teddystrivia answered: Love the list. If you can make room for a Trivia Tumblr run by a librarian, then count me in.
  21. doseogwan answered: Me! I work at the Ann Arbor District Library, and will be starting work on my MLIS this coming fall.
  22. historyhobbit answered: Count me in!
  23. groovygalleons answered: I’m currently going to school for library service! :) Love this list and your blog!!
  24. robotpancreasattack answered: Include me please!
  25. knottahooker answered: librarianwithanametag is my library-centric tumblr!
  26. ebethreads answered: I’d like to included. Thanks for putting this together! It’s an excellent resource.
  27. theuncensoredbookaneer answered: My “professional” blog, thebookaneer!
  28. allthingslibrary answered: I’m a librarian! And my tumblr is about libraries. I also LOVE libraryaccounts.tumblr.com
  29. marvelousthing answered: I’m a second semester library student! I’d love to be included.
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  31. sexshooter answered: i am a library/archives student but my tumblr isn’t really focused on it, but add me if you think that’s okay!
  32. katou answered: 8bitstate.tumblr.com :D
  33. pandamans said: biblioattic.tumblr.com looks like it is a library-ish - central library of rochester and monroe
  34. pandamans answered: looks like alibrarianbemused.tumbl… doesn’t exist
  35. nomoretexasgovernorsforpresident answered: unypl?
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  37. eyeheartdata answered: me! me!
  38. piebrarian said: May I be included? Ta!