1. youtastelikenachos:

    This is a whispery post. Topher Grace is in the Library right now. He tried to get a study room (his mom was with him) but all our rooms were full. He gave his name as Tom Grace.

    Erin is live-tumblring Topher Grace’s appearance in her library right now. Which gives me an excuse to use this gif:


  1. dahliascene said: he’s super shy. when he would come into the hard rock cafe i worked at, he would have his bill pulled down tight against his face and just sit at the bar alone. he always placed the same order.
  2. doctornecessiter said: He didn’t go with “Chris Grace”?
  3. thepinakes said: I’m surprised he didn’t go with “Chris Grace” since Topher is short for Christopher. So is he or his mom a local?
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  5. arcanities said: he should just do “Chris Grace”!
  7. petermcallisterthefaaather said: WHA?! What is he wanting to do in a private library room with his MOMS?!
  8. khealywu said: He could have just said Chris.
  9. lspoon said: He could have just used his actual name since apparently he’s too good (read: cool) for it on the regular.