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    We are sending all of our warm thoughts to the families, teachers, kids, and staff of Sandy Hook Elementary. Below are some resources our Children’s Library put together to help you talk to your kids about sensitive topics.

    Parents magazine provides information on how to reassure children and recognize signs of stress.This MSNBC article suggests topics to emphasize, when to have a conversation with a child, and gives tips from the National Mental Health Association. The American Psychological Association provides a brief list of suggestions, including “Talk to your children”, “Limit exposure to news coverage”, and “Know the warning signs.” The New York University Child Study Center thoroughly discusses how adults and kids can deal with the stress of a violent event, and their guidelines for talking to kids about violent events are also available.


    Great advice from Darien.


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    Check out the link for updates and more resources.
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    Great advice from Darien.
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    PBS also has a good link on how to talk to kids about the news here.
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