1. tumblarian vs. tumblrarian


    Oh, the great debate.

    I use #tumblarian(s).

    I trip up on the extra ‘r’ in both typing it out and thinking about saying #tumblrarian. Also, I’ve noticed some general tumblr users tagging #tumblrarian.

    I still track both. I also feel very strongly that it’s not very important. I’d rather see #libraries #librarians continue to increase in use.

    Maybe you feel differently?

    I’ve been meaning to bring this up for a while. Thank you Kate!

    I have two reasons why I use #tumblrarians.

    1) Lib-rarians / Tumbl-rarians

    2) It’s already in print. :-/


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  2. epistrophian answered: tumblarians
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  4. nomoretexasgovernorsforpresident answered: Tumblarian
  5. cavalierzee answered: Tumblarian has a nice ring to it and is a good hybrid of tumblr & librarian. The extra “r” in tumblrarian is unnecessary.
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    It’s adorable that we even have these discussions. Oh, tumblarians.
  7. themonicabird answered: I use tumblarians. I didn’t evenk THINK of tumblrarians, because it is easier to pronounce Tumblarians than Tumblrarians.
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    I knowwww I get somewhat stressed that it’s in print, but again, I feel very strongly that, in the end, it’s not TOO...
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    Hm…tumblarian for me.
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  11. morerobots answered: yeah, I’ve been using the 2-r one. Didn’t even know there was a difference.
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    been meaning to bring this up for a while. Thank you Kate!...have two reasons why
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    us as Tumblarians. We may have a bit of pirates...us, but we don’t need too many more...
  14. thecommonlibrarian answered: Tumblarian for me. At least there aren’t as many scantily clad “librarian” roleplayers with duckfaces and borrowed glasses. ;)
  15. genderbutt answered: All I know is it took me MONTHS to find any library related tumblrs.
  16. progressive-librarian answered: I am with you, the extra r feels wrong.
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  18. missrumphiusproject answered: I like #tumblarian(s). The other is damn near impossible to say.
  19. chrischelberg answered: For internal community discussion, I think #tumblarian/#tumblrarian works fine. But we can tag with #librarians as well when outward facing.
  20. bookoisseur answered: I think you’re right. DID YOU SEE THE PUPPY THAT HARVARD LOANS OUT??
  21. librarean answered: #tumblarian for sure. #librarians should be used too, but #tumblarian is useful for talk of community and tumblr/libraries intersections.
  22. thepinakes answered: TUMBLARIAN. The extra ‘r’ just serves to make it awkward.
  23. memoryepsilon said: I prefer #tumblarian but use it both with and without the “r” in order not to exclude anybody. Would vote for the easier spelling, though, esp. as when spoken aloud it trips off the tongue and *sounds* more like “librarian” (no extra syllable!).
  24. thedanaash answered: I use tumblarian but tag any library stuff #libraries and #librarians, so it doesn’t matter
  25. delennsatai answered: I think I prefer “tumblrarian” because the extra “r” makes it closer to “librarian”…but I prefer #libraries and #librarians, myself, too.
  26. librarianpirate answered: I do tumblarian (no extra r) but I also often do tumblarians plural.
  27. howitzerliterarysociety answered: More the merrier. Overwhelm the field and you own it.
  28. youtastelikenachos answered: tumblarian all the way