1. Someone told us about a public library in a town in Alberta that had burned to the ground. They were going to rebuild, and needed donations. I was ready to ship hundreds. But the website requested only books published in the last two years, which excluded almost everything in my father-in-law’s library.


    James Wood, “Packing My Father-in-law’s Library” (from The Fun Stuff).

    This is Slave Lake! What an unexpectedly local detail to stumble across. However: no books more than two years old? Such a weird and short-sighted policy.

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  5. cakecakedeathdeath said: Do you know how much stuff that library is going to have to weed through, then recatalog and relabel? If they opened it up to every book ever donations would be ridiculous. If he’d called and talked to someone they might have taken some items though.
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