1. HEY TUMBLR, it's the Tumblr vs Twitter race to $1000 for EveryLibrary! →


    Attention tumblarians, library-loving tumblrers, and all the internet friends: today kicks off a one-week fundraiser to $1000 to benefit EveryLibrary, the first and only national organization dedicated exclusively to political action at a local level to create, renew, and protect public funding for libraries of all types.

    In order to maximize our efforts,Tumblr is taking on the Twitter community in a race to $1k, from today until next Tuesday, November 20th.

    Help today, help tomorrow.

    Why does EveryLibrary need our help? Funding raised this week will go towards the necessary personnel and resources needed to do voter analysis on library ballot measures which were voted on across the country during the election. What EL learns from this election will have a critical impact on our strategy of support for future library endeavors on the ballot. Cool and important, right?

    Even cooler, if you can’t give cash right now, we’ve partnered with Urban Libraries Unite (an incredible org, check it out) in supporting their book drive which is currently seeking new and good condition used children’s books and new unmarked children’s coloring and activity books (with crayons if possible), to go out to young victims of the storm who are currently in shelters in New York City. Material donations should be directed here.

    If you’re feeling particularly philanthropic this week, ULU is also looking for cash donations, as is the New Jersey Library Association Relief project.

    Please consider giving what you can. Chip in $5 or $10—or donate books to support Sandy victims.

    To contribute to the #tumblarian EveryLibrary race to 1k (WHICH I HAVE EVERY CONFIDENCE WE CAN CLEAN UP WELL BEFORE NEXT TUESDAY), please click through the link above or here.

    Give us a like, a reblog, a shout out to your friends and family. Think about it: all we need is about 100 folks to find $10 or so for the cause. Let’s have fun, do good work for EveryLibrary, and flex these Tumblarian muscles. Let us also show Twitter what’s up.

    To learn more about EveryLibrary (and to share the good news with your generous friends) please visit here.



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    We’re $55 away from the goal!
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    Just donated to a very worthy cause! Keep it going!
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    We’re on Tumblr because here is where the action is. Oh, and twitter @everylibrary. Stuff goes on there as well….
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